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E-planning is an online service that allows you to search for and view planning applications, and associated appeals and is updated in real time.  The planning information is not a full history of any site and it should not be regarded as an alternative to the information provided through a formal local land charges search.  Although the Council tries to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided it makes no representations or warranties about the accuracy, completeness or suitability for any purpose of the information and does not accept any responsibility for its use or reliance.



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Search by Planning Application Number >>

The easiest way to find a single record is to search by Application Number ~ eg S/25414

The database is available from 1996 for Carmarthenshire, and earlier for Llanelli and Carmarthen areas.

Search by Address >>

You can enter partial information eg entering "Margaret" will return all applications for Margaret Street and Margaret Road.

Search Planning by Details >>

Search by Parish, Ward, Application Type, Date Received, Agent / Applicant, or by key word in the application proposal.

Search by Map >>

You can use i-Local to search for an address and view the GIS map. Applications are visible from 2007 onwards.


If you require copies of pre 2004 planning decision notices that are currently not available online, please email: (there is no charge for this service).



If would like assistance navigating the website, please contact: Emily Dent, Information Management Officer - Tel: 01558 825314 Email: or


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