The National Joint Council (NJC) Scheme was chosen when the Job Evaluation process commenced back in 1999.

Some concerns were reported during the benchmarking process that the NJC Scheme scored certain groups of posts poorly, i.e. Corporate posts, Middle management and Technical specialists.

However, at the time, it was the only scheme considered by the Unions to be acceptable for evaluating posts across the whole of the Authority. Other schemes such as Inbucon and Hay were considered to work well on certain groups of staff but not for a wide range of jobs as is required for this project.


As the project progressed it became increasingly clear that there would be some fairly major disruption to the existing hierarchy within the Authority. The results of this would include:

Both the Authority and the Union representatives felt that the extent of the disruption and, in particular, the huge potential losses for some staff, seen mainly at the middle - higher end of the existing hierarchy, was unacceptable.

This type of result is reflected throughout many other Authorities in Wales who, like Carmarthenshire, started off by using the NJC scheme but have now decided to adopt the Greater London Provincial Council (GLPC) scheme.

Current position

In conjunction with the Union representatives we have looked at alternatives to the NJC scheme and, having carried out some trial results, agree that the GLPC scheme is the best way forward for the Authority for the following reasons:

The future

We are currently developing Local Conventions in support of the new scheme and are part-way through the benchmarking process which covers 75 posts from across the Authority.

The Job Evaluation Steering Group met at the end of June to agree how to proceed with the evaluations and will be meeting again at the end of July to discuss issues such as protection, back pay and to look at the results of the benchmarking exercise.

We are hoping to start evaluating the rest of the posts by the end of August and aim to complete the majority of the Job Evaluation work by April 2006 in order that we may start to implement the results from October 2006.