1.1 The review covers the whole of Wales and consists of 26 proposals. These are presented in 5 categories or groups according to type and impact they may have on the road network.


There are a number of issues arising out of this proposal. From a highway maintenance/engineering point of view there is considerable merit in the Welsh Assembly Government funding this directly. This would hopefully ensure that sufficient financial resources are directed to the maintenance of these roads.


                      If the trunking road proposals referred to earlier are implemented, the roads affected by this proposal would be the A476 from Llanelli to Cross Hands, the A482 between Llanwrda and Lampeter, the A485 between Alltwalis and Lampeter and the whole of the A484. It would have to be made clear to the Welsh Assembly Government that there would need to be local input to the day to day management of these roads in order to recognise local needs.


However Members may wish to consider Proposal 26 in light of its possible political implications in terms of transferring responsibilities from the County Council to the Welsh Assembly Government. Issues which Members may wish to consider include:-