Recommendation 1 : Alternative Sites / Site Allocation Representations - requirement to advertise (approximately 500 sites)

The purpose of this six week consultation is:

The Alternative Sites Register will be structured on a settlement basis, with the site area identified on a map base, along with the following information:

All comments received during the Alternative Sites consultation period, together with those submitted as part of the consultation in respect of the Deposit LDP will be considered by the Forward Planning Team. The need to propose any changes to the Deposit LDP (known as Focused Changes) for consideration by the Inspector at the Examination in Public (EIP) will be addressed. Such focused changes will be advertised as an addendum to the deposit LDP as part of a further 6 week consultation exercise. Statutory guidance emphasises that such changes should be avoided wherever possible. However in considering representations received to the Deposit LDP the authority may consider certain changes that reflect key pieces of evidence but do not go to the heart of the plan. It is important to note that although the Council will inform the Inspector of its views on the issues raised through this consultation, only the Inspector is able to make changes to the Deposit LDP.

Recommendation 2 - Reponses have raised a number of issues where additional evidence is required the collection of which will impact on the timetable outlined in the Delivery Agreement. Discussions have commenced to amend the agreement.

Recommendation 3 A number of responses can be accommodated through the production of SPG, Welsh Government representation in particular highlighted issues that reflect changes to national policy since the draft plan was prepared, and include

Category A: Objection under soundness tests C2, CE2: Fundamental issues that we consider present a significant degree of risk for the authority if not addressed prior to submission stage, and may have implications for the plan’s strategy:

Category B: Objections under soundness tests C2, CE1, CE2: Matters where it appears that the deposit plan has not satisfactorily translated national policy down to the local level and there may be tensions within the plan, namely:

Category C: In relation to soundness tests CE2, CE3, CE4: whilst not considered to be fundamental to the soundness of the LDP, we consider there to be a lack of certainty or clarity on the following matters which we consider we can usefully draw to your attention to enable you to consider how they might be better demonstrated:

Category D: Matters relating to clarity of the plan generally which we consider may be of assistance to your authority and to the Inspector in considering suitable changes.

The authority need to prepare Supplementary Planning Guidance on a number of these issues to explain how policy objectives are to be delivered.

The following list of SPG IS provided in Appendix 5 of the

LDP this report seeks authority to produce and adopt 6.